Radiometers measure light and radiation. Our hand-held radiometers RMD and RM-12, as well as panel meters RM-31 and RM-32, are precise UV instruments with external uv sensors. The sensors can be exchanged and adapted to the application. With eight standard spectral ranges, we offer the right sensor for most applications.

For measurements in UV belt systems, the uv sensors are built into tinyTracker and TrackerUSB. Here the UVpad is ideally suited for measurements and comparison of UV lamps and UV LEDs. With its innovative measuring principle, it doesn't use optical filters.

Volldigitales UV-Radiometer RMD

High dynamic & high-precision all-digital radiometer RMD Pro for irradiance and dose with 8 GB memory

UVC radiometer set for the detection of UV surface disinfection

Precise, digital laboratory radiometer with touch display for measuring irradiance and dose

RM-12 UV/VIS radiometer

Precise hand-held radiometer for irradiance and illuminance

UVpad E - Designed for UV measurements

Spectral radiometer with external sensor head

World's thinnest spectral UV radiometer

Curelog UV Radiometer Dosimeter

curelog - simple, precise! Fast measuring for UV belt systems

Radiometer für 172 nm Xenon Excimer Lampen

Calibrated Radiometer for 172 nm Xenon Excimer Lamps

UV radiometer for UV curing / belt systems

Radiometer for UV belt systems

UV monitoring with mains-driven panel meter RM-32

Panel meter for irradiance with programmable alarm relays


  • Irradiance measurements of lamps and, UV systems
  • Comparison of UV radiators, lamps and, UV LEDs
  • Dose measurements
  • Quality assurance for UV curing and UV gluing
  • Measurement of job security due to artificial optical radiation


Don't know how to choose the right sensor? Maybe our application notes can help.