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All our UV sensors and measuring instruments are delivered with calibration. We attach the highest importance to ensuring that our products make your work easier. Therefore, we offer products in various measuring ranges and variants.

We use eight spectral ranges for our sensors, allowing for repeatable measurements. These sensors are calibrated with the respective calibration lamp and adjusted. Repair and spare parts service is, of course, available for many years. We also emphasize the traceability of our sensors as well as their low tolerances.

A simple argument is that the sensors are only used relatively. Thus, the company’s own reference is always made to monitor, for example, aging and deterioration of a UV system. Such applications are possible with uncalibrated sensors but with the risk of not knowing or being able to scale a specific process (e.g., how soon a new system must be purchased to cope with production peaks).

We consistently rely on calibrated sensors. Thus, they are easily replaceable, can be reordered, and provide high-quality, absolute results. Our UV calibrations are traceable to the Physikalisch Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB) in Braunschweig. As PTB and NIST work together, our calibrations are traceable to NIST as well.

We have 16 calibration standards continuously available for our UV calibrations. For each calibration, the known reference value of the calibration standard is transmitted to the sensor.

Recalibrations are carried out also with input measurements and adjustments to the set point value. The new calibration also includes the results of the input measurement. Due to possible pollution or aging, we recommend a 12-month recalibration interval for our products. We calibrate every day. Deadlines are not required.

Customer-specific spectral ranges and special calibrations are available upon request. Also ask about our calibration service for third-party devices.