UV applications & knowledge

The following articles are intended to provide a good introduction to UV applications and the corresponding knowledge. If you have any further questions, we will be happy to provide competent support with words and deeds.

1. What is UV radiation?

The abbreviation "UV" stands for ultraviolet radiation. In everyday language it is often referred to as UV light, since light generally sounds more harmless than radiation.  By definition, however, radiation that the human eye perceives is called light. Therefore, strictly speaking, there is no UV light at all. [Read more]

2. UV calibration

We consistently rely on calibrated sensors. These are easily exchangeable, reorderable and provide high quality, absolute results. We trace our calibrations back to the Physikalisch Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB). [Read more]


3. safety of UV disinfection of surfaces, air and human skin

The product safety of UV surface disinfection devices or air cleaning devices with UV disinfection is regulated by the maximum exposure duration, dose and by the Product Safety Act [Read more]


4. selection of suitable UV radiometer sensors & application notes

The application range of our UV sensors is manifold and reaches from process monitoring, risk assessment and occupational safety to medical applications of UV lamps and UV LEDs. The following information is intended to assist in the selection of suitable sensors. [Read more]