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Opsytec Dr. Groebel is one of the world's leading suppliers of industrial UV measurement technology. We are developer and producer of UV measuring instruments, UV sensors, UV equipment, and UV irradiation chambers. Thanks to our inhouse manufacturing, we make products to customer specifications for a wide range of industrial applications.

Since 1981, we have established UV-measurement milestones with our products again and again. For example, in1986 we were able to offer a microprocessor-controlled spectral radiometer called SR-02. It was followed by many compact, durable UV radiometers.  In 1991, we received certification as an accredited facility for non-therapeutic UV radiation equipment (DIN CERTO). We worked as testing center until 1997 and then changed our focus to industrial process control.

Quality and punctuality are of utmost importance to us. Doing this, we rely on an efficient quality management system with our ISO 9001:2015 certification.

In 2013, the OpSyTec GmbH and Dr. Groebel UV electronics GmbH merged to Opsytec Dr. Groebel GmbH. Dr. Manfred Gröbel has successfully led Dr. Gröbel UV electronics for more than 30 years. Dr. Stefan Pieke and Dr. Mark Paravia founded Opsytec, offering engineering services and contract measurement, in 2008. With the merger of the two companies, we offer a full range of services and products for different UV applications and measurements of UV and visible light.

For these reasons, many of our customers have remained loyal to us for decades. They value our reliability and our loyalty. That's why we develop and manufacture your products according to your specifications and specific requirements - exclusively for you.

Customers worldwide rely on our quality and experience.
Please feel free to contact us.

Dr. Mark Paravia 
Dr. Stefan Pieke

Did you know?

Between 1997 and summer 2022, an RM-11 pocket radiometer with sensors for UV-A and UV-B was on display in the environmental exhibition (see RM-11) at the Deutsches Museum in Munich. The building is currently being renovated. We are very pleased about this twenty-five-year presentation and are extremely proud of this success.