Spectral radiometer UVpad E

UVpad E - Designed for UV measurements
UVpad E - Spectral radiometer 200 - 440 nm
Optical fiber and external sensor for UVpad E
Sensor type 3 (h = 10 mm, d = 40 mm)

The UVpad E combines the benefits of the spectral measuring technology with a handheld and easy to operate radiometer. The UVpad E is technically based on our successful radiometer UVpad. With the external sensor and an optimized programming, it is even more precise and easier to operate.

Use the spectroradiometer UVpad E for an accurate measurement of the UV irradiance and for comparisons of different UV lamps and UV LEDs. 512 photodiodes measure the spectrum in the wavelength range of 240 – 480 nm. The categorization in UVA, UVB and UVC is taken according to international standards and traceable. The calibration to only one light source is omitted. 

During the measurement, the spectrum is shown on the graphic display. The irradiances for UVA, UVB, UVC and VIS are available by the click of a button. In the background, the spectrum is already recorded. While measuring, the dose and the chronological irradiance sequence can additionally be documented. Spectra and measurement data can be exported and evaluated with the provided software. In addition, the UVpad E can be used as a classical PC controlled spectrometer.

Of course, UVpad E is factory-calibrated upon delivery, long-term stable and precise. Optionally, we offer an accredited DAkkS calibration and testing according to ISO 17025.

With our radiometers RM-12, RM-22 and the spectroradiometer UVpad E, we cover the entire range of the UV measuring technology. We would be pleased to assist you selecting a suitable UV measuring device.


Highlights of spectral radiometer UVpad E

  • Spectral radiometric measurements without a PC
  • Additional use on PC as spectrometer
  • Designed for UV measurements
  • Internal memory for 50 measurements with irradiance profile
  • 240 - 480 nm (total UV spectral range)
  • Spectral resolution 2 nm
  • 0.5 nm pixel distance
  • 512 photo diodes



Displayed measurement results with UVpad E

  • Spectra at maximum irradiance
  • Irradiance and max irradiance
  • Irradiance profile
  • Dose (UVA, UVB, UVC, VIS)

Applications of spectral radiometer

  • Measurement of UV-LEDs and ultraviolet lamps
  • UV dose measurements
  • Universal irradiance measurement

Screenshots UVpad Viewer for spectral radiometer UVpad E

UVpad E - spectra UV-Spot and UV LED comparison
UVpad E - spectral radiometer screenshot irradiance profile
Spectral radiometer UVpad E - comparison UV-LED and UV lamp
spectral radiometer for comparison of different UV lamps

Connect the UVpad to the PC in order to indicate, evaluate and save the measurements. Due to the simple comparison of the measurement data, changes in the spectrum, irradiance or dose are possible at the touch of a button. With each measurement, the measurement data and time are saved. With the ability to save comments, you will always maintain an overview, even with various measurements.

Use of UV Radiometer

start measurement
spectra after measurement with UV radiometer
memory for 50 measurements
change language

Did you know?
The UVpad E is technically based on our successful radiometer UVpad. With the external sensor and an optimized programming, the UVpad E is even more precise and easier to use.

Technical Data spectra radiometer UVpad E

Spectral range 240 - 480 nm ± 5 nm
Spectral bandwidth 2 nm
Pixel distance ~0,5 nm
Irradiance meas. range (typ.) 2 - 5000 mW/cm²
Irradiance meas. range (high power version) 25 - 20000 mW/cm²
Resolution 0,01 mW
Dose measurement range 0,01 mJ/cm² - 600 J/cm²
Time resolution 10 ms to 250 ms, adjustable
Measurement time 5 to 120 s, depeding on
  data storage rate
Memory 50 measurements
Sampling rate 10 ms - 10 s
Data storage rate 100 Hz to 1 Hz, adjustable
Display graphical, 128 x 64 px
Dimensions, type 1 Ø 40 mm, h 35 mm
Dimensions, type 2 Ø 40 mm, h 25 mm
Dimensions, type 3 Ø 40 mm, h 10 mm
Optical fibre, length 1,5 m
Optical fibre, type UV enhanced silica
  with metal shielding
Optical fibre, connector SMA
Dimensions 160 x 100 x 14,4 mm³
Weight ~ 500 g
Operation temperature 0 to 60 °C
Batteries 3 x CR2032
Interface USB
System requirements Windows 10 or Windows 7
  300 MB HDD, 1 GB RAM
Calibration traceable to PTB/NIST
Cosine correction yes