The dose controller UV-MAT continuously measures irradiances, calculates doses, and stops irradiation at the set target dose. Two spectral ranges can be separately controlled. Thus, UV-MAT ensures a constant dose independent from lamp aging, temperature, and pollution.

The measurements are made with calibrated radiometric sensors. The built-in diffusers ensure the cosine correction that is required for non-vertical irradiation.

The sensor contains an extremely precise analog-digital converter and a temperature sensor. The integrated diffuser ensures the required cosine correction. Excellent long-term stability is achieved through the use of appropriate materials. The sensors are calibrated with traceability to PTB (Physikalisch Technische Bundesanstalt, the German national test authority); after being calibrated, they are supplied with a factory calibration certificate. The memory in the sensor contains all sensor identifications and the calibration history.

We offer two irradiation control systems for our irradiation chambers, the UV-MAT and the UV-MAT Touch.

The UV-MAT Touch user interface is a high-resolution capacitive touchscreen. A powerful Cortex ARM processor ensures durability and updateability. This means that new functions can be installed directly on site.  The UV-MAT Touch and the PC software are Windows 10 compatible.
Numerical and graphical single and multi-channel irradiations, oscillograms and the settings are clearly displayed. The parameterization is done intuitively directly on the UV-MAT Touch and is password protected.

The UV-MAT Touch can optionally be controlled by a PC. This allows multi-stage irradiation and documentation of the irradiation.


  • Optional for all irradiation chambers
  • Controls two spectral ranges
  • Precise radiometric sensors
  • Built-in sensor identification
  • Security functions to avoid doubled irradiation and password protections for important settings
  • Integrated timer
  • Function to calculate irradiance at sample position from sensor position data


Sensor connectors 24 bit, fully digital
Number of sensors 2 pcs (for BS series) / 1 pc (for BSL series)
Dose range 0 - 1.000.000 J/cm²
Dose resolution 1 mJ/cm²
AD conversion 24 bit
PC interface USB 2.0
Sensor identification yes
Dimensions 185 mm x 251 mm x 100 mm
Operation temperature 5 - 60 °C
Spectral ranges UVC, UVB, UVA, UVA+ or LUX