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tinyTracker 172 nm: Band radiometer for precise measurements for 172 nm xenon excimer

Xenon excimer lamps enable new, resource-saving and more efficient production possibilities. They are used in the field of surface treatment for matting, cleaning, surface activation or to save photoinitiators.
For this purpose, the narrow-band spectrum around 172 nm is usually used to irradiate under inert gas conditions. Then the high photon energy is sufficient to split almost all organic compounds.
The measurement of 172 nm (VUV) is an important component for process control and optimization.

With the tinyTracker 172 we offer a calibrated band radiometer which is suitable for use in an inert atmosphere. The tinyTracker 172 is absolutely calibrated and measures the irradiance and irradiation dose of xenon excimer lamps directly at 172 nm.
Due to its particularly flat design, the tinyTracker172 can be guided through the irradiation channels of UV belt dryers and other industrial equipment.
The recording of the values starts automatically when an adjustable minimum irradiance is exceeded. The built-in photodetector is calibrated by PTB.

Data is recorded on an exchangeable SD card and transferred via USB to PC.
Evaluation and data export are conveniently performed by the PC Software for tinytracker172.
The Li-Ion battery ensures a recording duration of up to 3 hours. The Li-ion battery can be charged directly via the USB interface. An additional power supply unit is included.


HIGHLIGHTS OF TinyTracker172 FOR Xenon Excimer Lamps

  • Calibrated photo detector for VUV radiation
  • Ideal for the measurement of 172 nm radiation
  • Low height of only 10 mm
  • Fast data recording with up to 100 measurements per second

TECHNICAL DATA OF Tinytracker172 FOR Xenon excimer lamps

Measuring range 0-200 mW/cm²
Resolution 12 bit
Recording time up to 3 hours
Sampling frequency 1 - 100 Hz, adjustable
Photo detektor GAP
Spectral sensitifity 155 nm - 520 nm
Dimensions 195 x 79 x 10 mm
Operating temperature 60 °C
Supply voltage 5 V DC
Power supply Li-Ion-Akku, 1250mAh
Interface MiniUSB 2.0
System requirements Windows 10 / 11
  300 MB HDD, 4 GB RAM