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The use of ultraviolet-curing adhesives and compounds is constantly increasing. With the LedControl S UV LED controller, you remain flexible for future requirements.

Due to the modular design, one UV LED lamp, up to five or even up to 16 UV LED lamps with different wavelengths can be operated and individually adjusted with one LEDControl S.

For applications such as bonding, potting or fluorescence excitation, the wavelengths 365, 385, 395, 405 and 450 nm are available. With the variety of wavelengths, you remain particularly flexible and can upgrade and change over at any time. With several UV LED lamps, the irradiation can also be ideally homogenized to achieve the best possible uniformity.

With the intelligent UV LED control, the power of the ultraviolet LED lamps can be individually adjusted between 2% and 100%. A timer for irradiation times between 0.01 s and 9999 s is already integrated. Continuous operation or externally triggered operation are also available as options.

The LEDControl S works either as master or slave and is cascadable.  

Remote control can be done via RS485, USB or RS232 for each channel and enables the use in industrial production. Other digital and analog inputs are also available as an option. Additional digital and analog PLC inputs are also available as an option.

The very high irradiances of up to 39,000 mW/cm² distinguish the UV-LED spots and allow extremely short process times. For this purpose, the UV-LED is focused at the desired working distance.

With the UV-LED series L we offer air-cooled high-power LED modules for the LedControl. The SFL series is water-cooled and available with even higher power.


  • Industrial UV curing and bonding
  • IC Encapsulation
  • UV sealing
  • Hairline / leak detection using fluorescence markers
  • Fluorescence Spectroscopy
  • Surface Inspection


The LEDControl can be controlled via the rear programming interface (USB, RS485 or RS232). Communication takes place as ASCII communication, which is illustrated below using the example of „Switching on“:

  • control transmits: LOnOff: 1!
  • LedControl answers: LOnOff: 1 (CRC-16)  


Each channel can be individually controlled. The LedControl sends only when requested by the controller.
Via the other interface option LED powers can be set together for all channels (0-10V), LEDs on / off (trigger IN 24V) and the status (trigger OUT 24V) can be set and queried. This option is suitable for simple system integration with common signals.  Example commands:

  • Request number of channels: LAnzahlCH?       
  • Request connected channels: LAnzahlCH?         
  • Set active channels: LSelect: 0 1 !?     
  • Set power: LPowerSet: 000.0 033.7!?   
  • Set trigger input active: LTriggerOnOff: 11!?      
  • Request firmware version: LFirmware?      


Number of UVLED-Spots 1 spot (LedControl S)
  5 spot (LedControl 5S)
  16 spot (LedControl 16S)
Functions 2 to 100%, each spot separate
  timer, continuous operation
  Master /slave mode
Display graphical, 128 x 64 px
Connections Interlock
Interface option dimming in (0-10V), common
  Trigger (IN/OUT), common
Terminals, Interface option Galvanically isolated
Signals, Interface option 24 V, 5 mA max
Programming, optional RS485, RS232 or USB
Dimensions 185 x 251 x 100 mm (S)
  305 x 358 x 145 mm (S,5-16S)
Operating temperature 5 to 40 °C
Storage temperature -10 to 60 °C
Humidity < 80%, non-condensing
Internal security circuit Over-temperature, LED N.C.
Power (el.) 100 W - 2000 W
Mains 100 - 240 V, 50/60 Hz