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curelog - Simple, precise!

The curelog is a precise radiometer with dose measurement and up to four spectral ranges. Due to its fast and precise measurements the curelog can universally be used for applications in the fields of lacquer curing, bonding, sterilization, disinfection, lithography and many other applications.
The adjustable data recording rate of up to 2000 Hz (measurements per second) allows reliable measurements on fast running UV belt systems.

The recording time of up to 180 h allows the measurement of long-lasting processes at low doses, like UV disinfection. The curelog simultaneously records up to four spectral ranges, each with a high-precision 24 bit ADC. The high-precision ADC gives the curelog a extrem high dynamic range. The resolution of 0.0001 mW/cm² and a measurement range of 50 W/cm² are the main features of the curelog.
All common UV lamps and UV-LEDs can be measured and compared, no matter if spot or area lamps, fibre optics or UV/VIS LEDs are used. The display directly shows maximum irradiance and dose.

A further application is the adjustment and focusing of the reflector in UV systems. Due to its small dimensions the curelog can be placed on most objects / surfaces and records the irradiance with pinpoint accuracy.

With the curelog software measurements can be analyzed, exported and compared. Previously stored reference measurements can be read in and superimposed in a time-synchronous manner. So, changes in the irradiation belt profile, i.e. irradiance over time, are visible. Errors that occur over time, such as dirty reflectors, are reliably and easily detected.

With the curelog DOCK we offer a base station for PLC connection. The peak irradiance and dose are transmitted directly to the PLC. If these are in tolerance, the measurement can be deleted and if not, the measurement can be evaluated with the PC software.
The curelog spectral ranges do not overlap, so crosstalk is not possible. Regardless of whether you use low powered UVC disinfection lamps, high intensity mercury / xenon lamps or LEDs for bonding or medium pressure lamps for UV curing, with the curelog you always measure accurately and reproducibly.


  • Multi-channel radiometer with dose measurement
  • Cordless and battery operated
  • 24 bit precision ADC
  • Low height of only 14 mm
  • Up to 180 h recording time
  • Up to 2000 Hz data storage rate
  • Software for measurement comparisons
  • Docking station for PLC integration (RS485 & RS232)

For optimal measurement results, we deliver the curelog in three versions:

  • The curelog ONE is a entry level version that measures one spectral range and is the cheapest version
  • The curelog LED is adapted for LED measurements at the wavelengths 365 nm, 385 nm, 395 nm, 405 nm and 450 nm. The curelog LED also records UV radiation.
  • The curelog PRO measures UVA, UVB, UVC and VISB according to the international CIE classification.

TECHNICAL DATA Curelog dose meter

Irradiance meas. range 0,0001 - 25000 mW/cm²
Dose range 0,0001 mJ/cm² - 6 MJ/cm²
Resolution 0,0001 mWcm² / mJ/cm²
Calibration traceable to PTB / NIST
  optional ISO 17025
Sampling rate 1 Hz to 2000 Hz, adjustable
Recording time 180 h to 5 min, depending
  on the time resolution
Memory 64 MBit
AD conversion 24 bit precision ADC
Display graphical, 128 x 64 px
Dimensions 62,5 x 100 x 14 mm³
Sensor position backside
Weight ~125 g
Cosine correction yes
Operation temperature 70 °C
  briefly for up to 60s at
  120°C ambient temperature
Power supply internal Li-Ion battery
Measuring duration 30 h on one battery charge
PC interface USB
System requirements Windows 10 / 11
  30 MB HDD, 4 GB RAM

Spectral ranges of curelog Dose meter

On the PC, measurements can be displayed, evaluated, compared and exported. By time synconization and comparing the measured data, changes in irradiance can simply be seen. The date and time of each measurement are saved.


  • Data storage rate & trigger threshold
  • Measuring time from approx. 5 s to 180 hours

Data export:

  • Measurements with irradiance profile & dose
  • Measurement parameters, date/time, duration


The curelog is a radiometric measuring device. With this measuring principle the irradiance is recorded for each spectral range by filtering and a photodiode. The filters and photodiodes are robust and the measurements are very well reproducible. However, the filtered radiometers cannot detect changes in the spectrum.
Our spectroradiometer like the UVpad are suitable for this purpose. In the UVpad, the light is spectrally decomposed and measured with 512 photodiodes. Due to the high spectral resolution, measurements of all lamps / LEDs are possible without errors. The curelog is subject to an error called „spectral mismatch“. Please contact us to discuss the calibration of the curelog. The curelogs have the advantage of a larger dynamic range and measure faster.
The comparison should help you to choose the right measuring device.