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Service is a top priority at Opsytec Dr Gröbel

Only a perfect UV system is an option for you? Excellent, because that's exactly what Opsytec Dr Gröbel has a tradition of!

Since our foundation in 1981, we have stood for the manufacture of precise, customised and first-class UV sensors, radiometers and UV LED systems - whether in small series or in series production.

Benefit from our independence! Opsytec Dr Gröbel is one hundred per cent family-owned and therefore one of the few truly independent manufacturers in our industry. This allows us to always put your satisfaction at the centre of everything we do.

Our products are durable and we offer service, maintenance and calibration for many years. For this reason, we develop in-house and do not use short-lived components. 

Another advantage for you: our high level of vertical integration! We are proud to act as a system supplier for your UV measurement technology and UV exposure systems and offer you customised solutions that meet your exact requirements.

We offer you