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Rental of UV measuring devices and UV LEDs

Many projects are time-limited or are currently being planned. The rental service offers the option of renting equipment only for the required duration to try out ideas, secure requirements or to be able to react flexibly if requirements change.

At Opsytec Dr. Gröbel, we offer you a wide selection of high-quality UV measuring devices for hire. In addition to our precise UV radiometers, you can also rent specialized UV spectroradiometers and powerful UV LEDs. It is also possible to hire our BS-02 UV chamber.

Our high-quality UV measuring devices are delivered to you simply and punctually. At the end of the rental period, you pack the devices and send them back to us.

With our rental service, we offer you the opportunity to use the latest technology flexibly and cost-effectively, without high investment and follow-up costs. Rental equipment is state of the art. Maintenance, calibration and repairs are taken care of by the rental service, which offers additional convenience and financial planning security.

Our appliances can be tested extensively before making a purchase decision.

By renting UV measuring devices, you not only save money, but also make a valuable contribution to environmental protection. The use of rental equipment reduces CO2 emissions.


UV devices on loan

Radiometer RMD

For the precise measurement of UV irradiance in various applications.
Technical specifications:

  • Measuring range: 0-20 W/cm²
  • Accuracy: 4.5 - 7%
  • Spectral range: 200-780 nm

Spectroradiometer UVpad 

For measuring and analyzing the UV spectrum in belt curing systems.
Technical specifications:

  • Spectral range: 200-440 nm
  • Resolution: 0.5 nm

Spectroradiometer UVpad E 

For measuring and analyzing the UV spectrum in many areas, such as UV bonding and aging
Technical specifications:

  • Spectral range: 240-480 nm
  • Resolution: 0.5 nm

Spectroradiometer SR900

Universal spectrometer for rent with light guide, cosine-corrected measuring head and PC software
Technical specifications:

  • Spectral range: 200-1100 nm
  • Resolution: approx. 0.5 nm

UV LED Series L

Powerful UV LEDs for curing, exposure and sealing.
Technical specifications:

  • Wavelengths: 365 nm, 385 nm, 395 nm, 405 nm
  • Sizes: 100 x 100 mm² or 30 x 30 mm²


UV LED with high intensity for spot applications and external control & timer.
Technical specifications:

  • Wavelengths: 365 nm, 385 nm, 395 nm, 405 nm
  • Power: up to 3 W


Single UV LED with flexible application options in the laboratory, dot bonding and fluorescence excitation
Technical specifications:

  • Wavelengths: 365 nm, 385 nm, 395 nm, 405 nm
  • Service life: >10,000 hours

Irradiation chamber BS-02

Compact and safe UV irradiation chamber with dose control
Technical specifications:

  • Lamps: UVA, UVB, UVC (the lamps are consumables)
  • Internal dimensions: approx. 49 x 32 cm²

Rental period for UV measuring devices and UV LEDs

Our rental period is flexible and can be adapted to your individual needs. We offer a standard rental period of 1-2 weeks, but extensions are possible. The costs for extensions are transparent and will be discussed in advance. The loan period begins when you receive the items. 

If purchased within 6 months, the rental fee will be credited for up to 4 weeks. The credit will also be applied to the purchase of other products from our company.

Purchase option for rental devices (UV measuring devices & UV LEDs)

Our devices are usually new or as good as new. If you discover during the loan period that the device meets your requirements, we usually offer you the option of taking over the loaned device directly. You benefit from a full guarantee and direct availability.

Remember, that we credit the rental fee for up to 4 weeks!


Calibration of the borrowed devices

All loaned measuring devices are factory-calibrated with up-to-date calibration. We check the devices before sending them to you and after returning them to us. This means that you have high-quality UV measuring devices with valid calibration in use.

If you require an ISO 17025 or DAKKS calibration, this is optionally available for the UV measuring devices on loan.



The goods of the UV measuring equipment rental remain the property of Opsytec Dr. Gröbel GmbH until full payment has been received.

The customer is liable for damage to or loss of the goods and confirms that he will return the goods in the same condition in which he received them.

If the items are not purchased by the client, they must be returned to Opsytec Dr. Gröbel GmbH and will be checked for any damage. Opsytec Dr. Gröbel GmbH will invoice the client for any damage found to the delivered items.  The contractor is liable for any damage or loss of the goods and confirms that he will return the goods in the same condition in which he received them.


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