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Spectra of UV lamps and UV LEDs

Our database offers precise and reliable spectra of a wide range of UV LEDs and UV lamps. The spectra are typical for the respective class. Therefore, we do not provide type designations. 

All spectra were measured in our laboratory and can be used freely. The measurements were performed in accordance with CIE 250:2022 „Spectroradiometric Measurement of Optical Radiation Sources". We have also provided some information on various UV light sources. If you have any questions or queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.

The UV-A, UV-B and UV-C components of the emission can be calculated from the spectra. Instructions on how to calculate the irradiance from the spectral irradiance can be found here.

Here you can download the spectral data of UV lamps and UV LEDs:


Spectra of medium pressure mercury lamps

Spectra of high-pressure mercury lamps

Spectra of low-pressure mercury lamps

Spectra of UV fluorescent lamps

Spectra of excimer lamps

Spectra of blue-emitting LEDs and LED modules

Spectra of UVA LEDs and UVA LED modules

Spectra of UVB LEDs and UVB LED modules

Spectra of UVC LEDs and UVC LED modules

Spectra of xenon lamps, xenon short arc lamps and xenon flash lamps

Spectra of metal halide lamps

Spectra of halogen lamps

Spectra of deuterium lamps, D2 lamps