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With our UV probes, we offer calibrated probes for measuring of the irradiance in areas that are difficult to access. 

The UV probes are available in three versions and several standard lengths of 15 cm to 60 cm. With an outer diameter of only 6 mm, the UV probes are a perfect supplement for the precise radiometers RMD, as well as for the spectral radiometers UVpad E and SR900.
All UV probes come with a diffuser, which enables the absolute measurement of irradiance and which ensures the required cosine correction during a non-perpendicular irradiation.

The UV probes are, together with the radiometers, traceably calibrated to the PTB, recalibratable and are supplied with a calibration certificate by the factory. By using appropriate materials, an outstanding long-term stability is reached. A repair service and parts supply is of course available for many years. 

The versions “side-on” and “head-on” are suitable for irradiance measurements e.g. of mercury medium pressure emitters or the effective disinfecting UVC irradiance (UVGI). The “integrating” version measures in all directions and is thus designed as entrance optics for spectral radiometers for the detection of the lamp spectra.

For the use with a radiometer, our standard range contains eight spectral ranges and three measuring ranges. Due to the integrated electronics, several UV probes can be connected to one radiometer.
For the use with a spectral radiometer, the UV probes are delivered with a changeable SMA connection


  • Diameter of only 6 mm
  • Measurements in difficult to reach areas
  • UV diffuser for precise measurements
  • 8 spectral ranges available
  • For radiometers or spectral radiometers
  • Long-term stable and recalibratable


Diameter, probe Ø 6 mm
Length, probe 15 cm or 30 cm
Weight ~ 200-350 g
Operation temp., probe 0 to 200 °C


UVC 200 - 280 nm
UVB 280 - 315 nm
UVA 315 - 400 nm
UVA+ 330 - 455 nm
UVBB 230 - 400 nm
VISB 400 - 480 nm
VISBG 400 - 570 nm
LUX 380 - 780 nm, V(λ)