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UV test chamber BS-04

The UV test chamber BS-04 is large, robust equipment for the time- or dose-controlled irradiation of samples with UV light. The chamber can be fully equipped for one of the spectral regions UV-C, UV-B, or UV-A to achieve the highest irradiance. Alternately, the use of two separately controlled lamp groups for different spectral regions allows for especially flexible operation of the chamber.

The interior irradiation chamber has a base area of 86 x 65 cm² and a height of 32 cm. The sliding sample carrier facilitates loading and unloading. With a load of up to 20 kg, this can withstand all demands. The sample chamber operating temperature is about 25°C so that thermal damage to the specimen is avoided. Due to the high uniformity of the irradiation, the samples may be positioned in any order.

For the BS-04 we offer two irradiation controllers, the UV-MAT and the UV-MAT Touch. Both irradiation controllers can control two spectral ranges separately and achieves a consistent dose regardless of lamp aging, contamination or temperature. The dose is measured with calibrated sensors. For this purpose, the sensor already contains an extremely precise analog-digital converter and a temperature sensor.

The memory in the sensor contains all sensor identifications and the calibration history.

The UV-MAT Touch user interface is a high-resolution capacitive touchscreen. A powerful Cortex ARM processor ensures durability and updateability. This means that new functions can be installed directly on site.  The UV-MAT Touch and the PC software are Windows 10/11 compatible.
Numerical and graphical single and multi-channel irradiations, oscillograms and the settings are clearly displayed. The parameterization is done intuitively directly on the UV-MAT Touch and is password protected.

The UV-MAT Touch also records the irradiations and can be controlled by the PC. This makes multi-stage irradiations and the documentation of the irradiation possible.

Applications of UV test chamber BS-04

  • Irradiation of bacteria and cell cultures
  • Photo stability testing
  • UV and daylight materials testing
  • UV curing, sealing, and bonding
  • Irradiation with UVA-352 / UVB-313

Specifications UV test chamber BS-04

Interior chamber 86 x 65 x 32 cm
Sliding sample carrier 78 x 60 cm
Dimensions 95 x 73 x 70 cm
Weight ~ 60 kg
Power consumption 400 W
Lamp lifetime up to 10.000 h
Number of lamps 20
Sample temperature 25 °C +/- 5°C
Spectra ranges 1 standard, 2-4 optional
Irradiance UVA 10 mW/cm²
Irradiance UVA+ 10 mW/cm²
Irradiance UVB 5 mW/cm²
Irradiance UVC 12 mW/cm²