UV test chamber BS-04

The UV test chamber BS-04 is large, robust equipment for the time- or dose-controlled irradiation of samples with UV or visible light. The chamber can be fully equipped for one of the spectral regions UV-C, UV-B, UV-A, or daylight D65 to achieve the highest irradiance. Alternately, the use of two separately controlled lamp groups for different spectral regions allows for especially flexible operation of the chamber.

The interior irradiation chamber has a base area of 86 x 64 cm and a height of 25 cm. The sliding sample carrier facilitates loading and unloading. With a load of up to 20 kg, this can withstand all demands. The sample chamber operating temperature is about 25°C so that thermal damage to the specimen is avoided. Due to the high uniformity of the irradiation, the samples may be positioned in any order.

The irradiation control UV-MAT can control two spectral ranges separately and achieves a constant dose independent of lamp aging, contamination or temperature. The dose is measured with calibrated sensors. For this purpose, the sensor already contains an extremely precise analog-digital converter and a temperature sensor. The integrated diffuser ensures the required cosine correction. Excellent long-term stability is achieved through the use of appropriate materials. The sensors are calibrated with traceability to PTB (Physikalisch Technische Bundesanstalt, the German national test authority); after being calibrated, they are supplied with a factory calibration certificate. The memory in the sensor contains all sensor identifications and the calibration history.

The UV-MAT can optionally be controlled by a PC. This allows multi-stage irradiation and documentation of the irradiation.

Applications of UV test chamber BS-04

  • Irradiation of bacteria and cell cultures
  • Photo stability testing
  • UV and daylight materials testing
  • UV curing, sealing, and bonding
  • Irradiation with UVA-352 / UVB-313

Spectra of UV test chamber BS-04

Specifications UV test chamber BS-04

Interior chamber 86 x 64 x 25 cm
Sliding sample carrier 60 x 59 cm
Dimensions 95 x 73 x 70 cm
Weight ~ 60 kg
Power consumption 400 W
Lamp lifetime up to 10.000 h
Number of lamps 20
Sample temperature 25 °C +/- 5°C
Spectra ranges 1 standard, 2-4 optional
Irradiance UVA 10 mW/cm²
Irradiance UVA+ 10 mW/cm²
Irradiance UVB 5 mW/cm²
Irradiance UVC 12 mW/cm²
Irradiance D65 25.000 lux