For UV and visible light


We offer the appropriate sensors for many application areas. Therefore, we differentiate the spectral and measurement ranges. The spectral range is the wavelength range, in which the sensor is sensitive. The measuring range corresponds to the sensitivity range for the measurement. Thus, we indicate the minimum and maximum measurable irradiance. Our sensors are calibrated and supplied with a factory calibration certificate. We have 16 calibration standards available for the calibration. In addition, customer-specific calibrations are possible at any time. Repair and spare parts service is also available for many years.

Radiometric sensors are precise measuring heads for our RM-12 and RM-22 handheld instruments and are suitable for dose control in our irradiation chambers.

The PLC sensors and waterproof UV sensors can be connected directly to a PLC. Selectable 0-10V or 4-20 mA signal outputs are available. As electromagnetic interference may occur in production facilities, our PLC sensors and the UVC-SE are internally amplified. An external signal processing is not necessary.

Radiometric sensors
UV sensors for radiometry

Daylight and UV sensors for handheld radiometers

UV curing sensors XT
XT series UV Curing sensors for the measurement of extremely high irradiance in the spectral ranges UVA, UVB or UVC

for the measurement of extremely high irradiance

Inline sensors
UV inline sensors with low height

UV inline sensors
with low height

PLC sensors
UV and light sensors for PLC control

UV and light sensors for
PLC control

UV Probes
for measuring of the irradiance in areas that are difficult to access

For measuring of the irradiance in areas that are difficult to access

Custom-made sensors
Custom-made system UV sensors

Custom made sensors adapted to size, spectral range or voltage

UVxSE sensor for water
Waterproof sensors UVxSE with amplifier

Water proof UV sensors for medium pressure lamps

UV sensor for water
Waterproof UV-C sensors UVC-SE with amplifier

Water pressure-proof UV-C sensor UVC-SE with integrated amplifier

UVCS sensor
UVC-S sensor with pressure water connection and photodiode output

UVC-S sensor with photodiode output

Don't know how to choose the right VIS or UV sensor? Maybe our application notes can help.

Applications of UV sensors and daylight sensors

  • Dose control in UV curing and bonding
  • Monitoring of UV irradiation
  • Control of disinfection systems in the packaging industry
  • UV-C water disinfection, UV-C wastewater treatment
  • Lamp monitoring and quality assurance in lamp production
  • Measurement of job security due to artificial optical radiation
  • Photometric measurements
  • PLC-control and lamp power regulation