thinnest stand-alone spectral UV radiometer worldwide

UV Radiometer UVpad

UVpad spectral UV radiometer
UVpad spectroradiometer and spectral UV radiometer
front and rear view of uv spectral radiometer

The UVpad is the world‘s thinnest spectral measuring and autonomous UV radiometer. It combines scientific measurement technology with a compact and user-friendly instrument. With its innovative measuring principle, it doesn't use optical filters.

UV light is spectrally detected and analyzed in the UVpad. Thus, measurements are traceable to national standards. Since it works without a filter, it is particularly suitable for the measurement and comparison of different lamps.
All measurement data are displayed on the device immediately; 50 measurements are stored in the UVpad and can be read via USB. The supplied PC software evaluates the irradiance intensity profiles measured separately for UVA, UVB, UVC, and VIS. Spectrum and measurement data can be exported and saved.

Optionally, UV systems can be optimized due to saved operating functions such as, for example, the absorption spectra of photo initiators. Thus, the operation costs can be reduced and the product quality can be ensured.


Notes for spectroradiometer and broadband radiometer

Broadband and spectral radiometers are used in the UV measurement technology to monitor lamp performance. However, broadband radiometers are only calibrated to one lamp type and differ in their sensitivity to each other. This makes comparisons between the measurements of different manufacturers and comparisons between systems with different lamps (e.g., Hg, Ga, Fe) or UV LEDs impossible. In contrast, by means of spectral radiometers, all UV lamps can be measured.

For example, as doped radiation sources age, the spectrum changes. UV systems and aging of the radiation sources can be conveniently monitored and documented with the UVpad.

Highlights of spectral UV radiometer

  • Spectral radiometric measurements without a PC
  • 200 - 440 nm (total UV spectral range)
  • 512 photo diodes
  • Battery operated
  • Height only 14.4 mm
  • USB for data export
  • Internal memory for 50 measurements

Displayed measurement results with UV radiometer UVpad

  • Spectra at maximum irradiance
  • Irradiance (UVA, UVB, UVC, VIS)
  • Irradiance profile (UVA, UVB, UVC, VIS)
  • Dose (UVA, UVB, UVC, VIS)

Applications of UV radiometer UVpad

  • Controll of UV curing with spectral precision
  • Measurement of spotlight sources and UV-LEDs
  • UV belt dryer

Screenshots UVpad Viewer for spectral UV Radiometer

UVpad spectra UV-Spot and UV LED comparison
UVpad UV radiometer screenshot irradiance profile
UV radiometer UVpad - comparison UV-LED and UV lamp
UV radiometer for comparison of different UV lamps

Use of UV Radiometer

start measurement
spectra after measurement with UV radiometer
memory for 50 measurements
change language

Technical Data UV Radiometer UVpad

Spectral range 200 - 440 nm ± 5 nm
Spectrale Bandwidth 2 nm
Irradiance measurement range 2 - 5000 mW/cm²
  25 - 35000 mW/cm² (Option)
Dose measurement range 1 mJ/cm² - 600 J/cm²
  25 mJ/cm² - 4200 J/cm²
Calibration traceable to PTB / NIST
Cosine correction yes
Data storage rate 100 Hz to 1 Hz, adjustable
Measurement time 5 s to 8 min, depeding on
  data storage rate
Sampling rate 10 ms - 1000 ms
Data storage rate 100 Hz to 1 Hz, adjustable
Display graphical, 128 x 64 px
Dimensions 160 x 100 x 14,4 mm³
Weight ~ 375 g
Operation temperature 10 -70 °C
Battery 3 x CR2032
Memory 50 measurements
Interface USB
System requirements Windows 10 or Windows 7,
  300 MB HDD, 1 GB RAM